Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Muse

The work to date......
Ilona Stellar - Made in Heaven 
I created this image based on the series by Jeff Koons - Made in Heaven you can view the images at the below link however be warned! they are explicit

Gala Dali

The aim in this piece was to as closely as possible replicate the original photograph of Gala I did experiment further with Gala however this shot revealed an eerie an resemblance to Gala that nothing else come close too.

Elizabeth Siddal as Beata Beatrix

The photograph for this image was taken at a wishing well in a local chestnut forest . I then altered the image to resemble the colour and painterly quality of the below painting by Dante Rossetti and added in two symbols from the original painting - The dove and poppy, every thing you need to about this patining is summed up here
 But in short the painting depicts the artists wife while containing heavy symbolism around the circumstances of  her death. 

The text that inspired the painting above can be viewed here 

Agnes Sorel 

I approached Anges slightly differently than the other ladies by aiming to create a 'feel' or sense of what she may have been like. I also incorporated text as a decorative element but also to tell her story. To find out more about the power Agnes had over men read my previous blog dedicated to Mistress Sorrel 

Painting of Agnes Sorel 

My Greatest Influences 

The work of the following women has greatly influenced my work - 
I also admire the work of 

Some of their work......
Cindy Sherman 
Untitled #96, 1981, Farbfoto, Auflage 10, 61 x 121,9 cm

Hannah Wilke 
Starification Object Series (1974)
Carolee Schneemann
Carolee Schneemann, Eye Body, 1963
Ana Mendieta 
“On Giving Life”