Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Gala Dali

Gala Dali (b. 1894) Wife and Muse of Salvador Dali 

A bit about Gala

Ian Gibson in his book The Shameful Life of  Salvador Dali describes Gala's relationship with Dali as follows - 

 'For Dali, the highly sexed, Russian-born Gala brought some form of physical release and the promise of intelligent companionship; for her, the artist seems to have been a career and a fortune waiting to be made, as well as a husband who would tolerate all the lovers she craved........'

Read the first chapter of the book here 

At the time of their meeting Gala was 35 and Dali 25 - They would spend the rest of their together with Gala becoming the subject of many of Dali's paintings, in the below exampleGala's exposed breast signifying...bread!?! 

This being the image I plan to re-create and alter in an attempt to highlight just how Gala and Dali complimented each other

Have a look at the below photos of Gala and Dali which show just how into each other these two really were 

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Elizabeth Siddal as Ophelia

Elizabeth Siddal (1829-1862)
Model and Muse of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood art movement 
See this link for details of the work from this period

The Story

In brief - Modelling for the painting Ophelia required Elizabeth to lie in a bath for several hours. Wearing an antique dress John bought for $250 by todays money. The bath was heated using oil lamps however these went out, the artist kept on working and Elizabeth said nothing while lying in the cold water. It is suggested that this event contributed to her life long health issues, which in turn lead to her laudanum  addiction and finally overdose.

The Plan

To re-create the above scene as closely as resources will allow and document the process through film and photography. The results to be posted on this blog. 
(Medical advise has been sort)

For further information on Elizabeth