Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Gala Dali

Gala Dali (b. 1894) Wife and Muse of Salvador Dali 

A bit about Gala

Ian Gibson in his book The Shameful Life of  Salvador Dali describes Gala's relationship with Dali as follows - 

 'For Dali, the highly sexed, Russian-born Gala brought some form of physical release and the promise of intelligent companionship; for her, the artist seems to have been a career and a fortune waiting to be made, as well as a husband who would tolerate all the lovers she craved........'

Read the first chapter of the book here 

At the time of their meeting Gala was 35 and Dali 25 - They would spend the rest of their together with Gala becoming the subject of many of Dali's paintings, in the below exampleGala's exposed breast signifying...bread!?! 

This being the image I plan to re-create and alter in an attempt to highlight just how Gala and Dali complimented each other

Have a look at the below photos of Gala and Dali which show just how into each other these two really were 

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